Stay Cool This Summer!

Olivia Giddings, Writer

What words remind you of summer? Friends, vacations, fun. Unfortunately, these aspects are associated with sunburn and boredom.

There is usually that big anticipation for summer, but once it is reached everyone is hit with the harsh reality called heat. Summer is an energetic season, everyone is off from school and trying to enjoy the warmth by doing a lot of activities. However, this is immensely hard when you have to play sports, run, and play games outside when it’s hot. You might try to drink water, sit inside, or sit in the shade. But is that exactly fun?

Freshman Elise Ravech has a tough time trying to stay cool while having fun in Summer. Ravech plays softball which she is very dedicated to, but she often feels like she does not play as good in the heat. To try and cool down she lays in her backyard, which isn’t exactly helpful in the scorching July heat.

Insight from Kelly Flanagan will help Ravech and hundreds of people sharing the same problem. Flanagan’s favorite things to do in the summer is a swim and hang out with friends. Swimming is a fun summer activity that keeps you cool and entertained. People can float around and relax or play games with friends.

According to Flanagan, “most importantly I hydrate.” Hydration is the most important thing to do in the summer. It is easy to become dehydrated in the hot summer heat.

Although drinking water all day may be boring, you can eat ice cream, make ice pops, play with water balloons, etc. Many people like to have fun, but stay cool in the Summer.

Despite trying to hydrate, it’s easy to become excessively hot, Flanagan states “When it’s hot there are not many things to do without you overheating.”

Everyone who has dealt with Summer heat knows it can ruin a day. If you don’t listen to tips about how to cool down in Summer, you might find yourself bored, wasting your summer.

  1. Go swimming: hop into a pool or the beach, you can even use a hose!
  2. Hydrate!
  3. Icecream.
  4. Water balloons.
  5. Stay inside: last resort you can stay inside, relaxing with a fan is always nice.