Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!


Elise Ravech, Writer

This week has started with the 2019-2020 beginning! Most days consist of new rules and getting to know your peers through ice breakers. But, the real question is how do I break my summer habits and get into a good routine?

First, it is necessary to decide what is important and needs to get done today. Some suggestions of doing this include mapping out or creating a list of how much time you need but also have after school, between sports and other afterschool activities.

Once you have decided what is important and should get done, balance the workload you have. This might include doing some work before and after dinner, allowing your mind and eyes to have a break in between. 

Scheduling when you are going to work on certain projects can also be very helpful. By doing this you are able to do small amounts of work each day, but still allowing yourself to meet deadlines.

Then it comes to preparing for the next day. Putting materials together that will be needed can help to ensure you won’t forget anything you need. 

Finally, find time to relax and just enjoy yourself. It is just as important to find something to do that makes you happy!