Welcoming the Class of 2023!

Emma Nicholson

A new school year is upon us, and with this comes a great excitement here at FHS: A new group of incoming freshmen students! The class of 2023 are currently starting their first week here at Franklin High, getting to know their teachers and classes, meeting friends, and hopefully navigating the hallways. We look forward to welcoming this class and everything that they will bring to our school.

High School Experience 2019

The freshmen started their time at FHS earlier this August, at the annual FHS High School Experience. Running from Tuesday to Friday, students spent the week getting oriented with the school, meeting new friends and peers, and learning about the FHS school day.

Activities at High School Experience included:

  • Project Adventure Challenge by Choice
  • Icebreakers
  • Games
  • Classroom Experiences
  • Scavenger Hunts

Peer Mentoring

When it comes to transitioning to FHS, there are a variety of resources that freshmen have access to. This includes peer mentoring. Students are organized into small groups of two or three freshmen, and are given an upperclassmen peer mentor whom they will meet with throughout the year. These mentors act as resource for nay questions or concerns that students may have during their freshman year. It is also nice for students to have a friendly face in the school if they ever need any help finding a class, etc.

How Can You Help as Upperclassmen? 

Transitioning from various middle schools can be a daunting task for students. Coming from four different middle schools, students can be intimidated to meet new people and acclimate to a more rigorous workload.

The best way you can help with the freshman transition is to be supportive of underclassmen that you may know or meet. If you see a student looking lost in the hallway help them find out where their class is. If you happen to be in a class with freshmen, give them the best advice you can about the workload. Remember, you were once a freshman too!

We are so excited to have the class of 2023 join us at Franklin High School!