What is a World of Difference?


Halle Goldsmith, Writer

Do you want to make the world a better place? A World of Difference is a clear cut way to help inspire change in the Franklin High community. 

The World of Difference program is part of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). ADL is the world’s leading organization in fighting antisemitism, combating hate, protecting communities, confronting discrimination, and so much more. All in all, their goal is to make the world a safer, kinder place. 

Joining a World of Difference is easy, all you have to do is fill out a google form on the classroom page. The code for google classroom is tz6f5, and the application is due Friday, September 20th. After you fill out the application, there is a chance you could get an email for an interview. Those selected students will be notified during the last week of September.

Once you’re in the club, there is a three day, in school, training period. There you will learn with all the other new members of a World of Difference at FHS. The lessons are taught by someone from the ADL. After the training is over, there will be weekly meetings of the club on Friday mornings, starting at 7:00, in room 317. 

During every advisory block, the club goes around in small groups and talk to the freshmen about the way attitudes and beliefs impact the people and the world around them. Advisory is once a month and we prepare for the lessons as a whole club. The plan is to start teaching these advisory lessons by the advisory in October.

Personally, I love a World of Difference. This year is my third year with the ADL program and I feel like even if we aren’t making the biggest difference that we are helping in some way. I believe that ignorance is what feeds hatred and biases, this club educating the freshman class is opening their minds and that is really important, in my opinion. 

Another member of the club, sophomore Caitlin Brannelly said, “It’s really fun and you create such a good relationship with the people at the school.” 

The club has not only opened the minds of students being taught, but of those involved with the club. It gave many people the opportunity to help change the school community and connect with other students who think like them.