What is Franklin High’s DECA Club?


Elizabeth Clark

At Franklin High School, there are many clubs and organizations to be a part of. Franklin’s DECA organization appeals mostly to business-minded people and anybody who is interested in any field of business. I am a part of the club and I have no intention of being a business major, however, I have always enjoyed doing marketing projects. Nikki Kim, Co-Director of the School store says that “DECA is a way to explore the business world and develop new ideas to a community of learners. It is a way to express new and creative ideas!”

 In DECA, people either create a written project or compete in a role play. For both events, there are a variety of events to choose from, including Principles of Finance, Entrepreneurship Series, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Career Development, and more. Everybody competes at the district competition, then people qualify for the state competition in Boston, and can even make it to nationals in Nashville! The full list of competitive events can be found here.

The club typically meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school, but you can follow the twitter account for more information.@FranklinMA_DECA. You can also join the google classroom with the code i2copln.