Best Bottles!

Best Bottles!

Vedika Vinayak, Writer

We all know the speech of how re-usable bottles are much better for the environment but an even better reason to us them is that they are way more popular. Other than being the trend and environmentally conscious, re-usable bottles are also much more feasible. Instead of buying another bottle every day, you get your money’s worth by using it or at least a year depending on the bottle. Here are the best re-usable bottles to help you get your money’s worth!

Hydro Flasks

Hydroflasks in different colors, customized with stickers

Yes, you might recognize hydro flasks as a signature VSCO girl trademark but they are actually extremely efficient. By keeping your water cold, at the end of a long day it will provide you with a refreshing drink. They also very popular and a common theme is to put stickers on them.



Simple Moderns

Simple Moderns are another popular type water bottle, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that they are well-rounded. They are have benefits including, keeping your water cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 hours, being double walled and vacuum insulated. Simple Moderns are also available in many different colors and patterns because everyone deserves a water bottle they love.


Camelbak Better Bottle

A perk of buying the Camelbak Better Bottles is that they are always in style, and for good reasons too. You might be familiar with catchphrase associated with Camelbak, “flip, bite-n-sip”; this catchphrase refers to the bottle’s efficient design of an internal straw and bite mouthpiece. The bottle is especially helpful when driving as it won’t spill even when the flip-lock is open. Camelbak Better Bottles also come in a variety of colors so purchase your favorite color today!

A variety of Camelbak Better Bottles

Hopefully, this article helped you choose which re-usable water bottle was the best fit for you, or at least, got you thinking  about buying a re-usable water bottle. While the water bottles mentioned in this article were the Hydro Flasks, Simple Moderns, and Camelbaks, there are plenty more water bottles for you if none of these fit your needs.

Stay Hydrated,