Area 51 Raid Letdown

Devon Bramson, Writer

The September raid on Area 51 was a complete fail. College student Matt Roberts set up a joke Facebook event called “Alienstock” in early July. On September 20 everyone would rush Area 51 and find aliens. However, it quickly gained a lot of attention and popularity from the internet.

So many people signed up that the government started to take the event seriously. They put out warnings telling people not to go through with the plan. But it was ignored by the internet.

Around a month before the event, Matt Roberts canceled the event due to “poor planning” and “safety concerns.” I asked student Connor Brown what his opinion was on the event. He said he thinks it was good as a joke, but it’s safer shut down.

However when September 20 arrived almost nobody had gone to the raid. Only about 50 people had actually shown up. On top of that nobody wanted to actually enter the facility and every one stood at the gate. It’s good to know that nobody was harmed – but disappointing to see that no aliens were found.