Schools Attempt to Save Young Students From Vaping Sickness

Dan Gurge, Writer

Recently the news has been blowing up with various stories on vaping related sickness spreading in the U.S. They say that vaping is proven to cause once healthy patients to become hospitalized for lung-related issues. According to Vox Health, 530 proven vaping illnesses were reported from 38 states in 2019 so far. These people were confirmed to be using e-cigarettes and were otherwise perfectly healthy before they began vaping.

Yahoo Men’s Health editor Rich Dorment explained that “more than ⅓ of highschool seniors vaped in the past month and usage with teenagers has doubled since 2017. 

Vaping is potentially one of the biggest problems at FHS because of the physical impact it has on young students, Assistant Principal Maria Weber said. 

Several schools in the state, including FHS, have incorporated awareness about this concern. This includes informational assemblies, numerous posters in halls, and integrating it into the wellness curriculum. 

The FHS Student handbook says that if you are caught in possession of vaping products, you could potentially get numerous suspensions dependant on the number of offenses. If you play an MIAA sport, vaping could cost you your place on the team. Not only that, but you will also be issued a 100 dollar fine for vaping on school property.

The Trump Administration is making plans to ban flavored electronic cigarettes across the nation to limit students’ use. As well as this, Michigan has already banned certain e-cigarettes to combat this problem. States like New York, California, and Massachusetts are following in these footsteps, anticipating changes in the upcoming year.

More investigations are also underway to figure out which ingredients may be causing this illness and what can be done to stop young teens from using vaping products.