Home is Where The Haunt Is

Isabel Guilmette , Writer

Halloween. For some, it’s a night for trick or treating and candy, for some, it’s a night to stay in and watch their scariest movies, and for a lot of us at FHS, it’s a time to hang out with our friends and get dressed up. But for some, Halloween isn’t just a holiday. It’s a way of life. 

For seventeen-year-old Andrew Falanga, it’s just that. In third grade, Andrew developed a lifelong love of Halloween and has been hooked ever since. Despite his parent’s dislike of it, Andrew considers Halloween to be something that keeps his mind occupied, and allows him to be creative and explore his imagination. As a lifelong theater lover, the creative freedom that Halloween allows is vital to developing his skills as an actor. In fact, he’s employed as a ‘scare actor’ at a local haunted house attraction.

But that’s not all. Andrew has his own Haunted House which takes place annually on Halloween night, which he operates out of the driveway and garage of his house. With a large annual budget (which Falanga jokes he goes over frequently).

“We’re trying to stay under, but we’re getting close,” he laughs. “And with the help of the FHS janitorial staff with finding materials, Falanga’s homemade haunted house promises an impressively polished setting and plenty of scares.

And this year, it’s going to be the biggest yet. 

For his senior year, Andrew is sparing no expense. The haunted house will be extended into a third section, which will be in his backyard. His concepts for it this year are… unique, to say the least.

“The first half of the attraction is on wheels so it moves to the final part of the attraction, giving the haunt a longer layout and a more personal experience” explains a very ecstatic Andrew. “There’s this one section where you’re basically in a room and the door begins to move, then you go into a hallway, and the door is moving in front of you, and you’re just walking as the door is leading you.”

Does it make much sense on paper? Well… not exactly. It’s something you need to see to believe. 

To experience this attraction for yourself, you can contact Andrew in person at any point and he’ll be happy to give you more information.