Halloween Police Party

Halloween Police Party

Declan Lynch, Writer

 Watch out, Halloween has taken over the police station with many decorations, pumpkins, games, superheros, and villians. But don’t forget about the apple cider and the cotton candy. 

Many people will be asking when will the party be? Leanne Baker, the Director of this party, was kind enough to offer her time to talk about the Halloween party.

Leanne said:“The Halloween party is on October 26 from 1 to 5 pm.”

This Halloween party is an event hosted at the Franklin Police Station. This is located at 911 Panther Way, which is behind Franklin High School. This event is free admission for anyone in the community. 

This party will include a variety of things such as bouncy houses, obstacle courses, pumpkin painting, face painting, a haunted trail, a haunted house, and many candies. They will also provide food such as cotton candy and hot dogs. They also will be serving whoopie pies. 

Also Mrs. Baker added: “We have about 6, 7 or 8 different flavors of these whoopie pies so that’s really good.” 

Additionally the sculpture park will be decorated to be a haunted trail for the kids. They can walk through the path and see many different characters in there. There will be inmates in the jail cells that give candies to children. the outside is decorated to look like the Hall of Justice.

Students are encouraged to sign up to complete their community service hours. But there is one question that they have in mind, How do we sign up?

Mrs. Baker explained:“We have the sign up genius going where kids can sign up on-line and help us out.” 

She also added, “The link is disseminated among the kids so that they can just click on it and sign up whether they would like to wear costumes to help out or just be kind of a volunteer staff member for us.” 

Another question that the students may have is, How can we sign off on our hours? The police department will provide letters for the students. 

Mrs. Baker also added, “When they’re finished and they sign out to be done for the duration we give them a community service letter.” 

There will also be a food pantry drive . One might ask what does this do and why should you do this? The department is asking if people would like to donate some food items and some non perishable items. 

“We encourage that,” said Mrs. Baker. Also she added:“We really, usually get a good response with that.” 

At the end of the night it might make you feel great to give back to the community.

This Halloween party has been a great experience for many families and friends.  How long has the Halloween party been active for? The department has been running this for a long time, maybe the Chief of Police would know. 

Well, Thomas Lynch (Chief of Police) said: “It has been around for 13 years.” 

The Halloween Party will be an amazing party! Many people are  wondering if there is anything before the party? The department will also be running a 5K road race that will transition into the party.

“On the same day we have our 5k road race which is in the morning and then we kind of roll into our Halloween party which is from one to five. So, we have it posted on the department’s social media,” said Mrs. Baker.

 When you go the party be on the lookout for superheroes, villains, prisoners, and many other costumes. Also keep on looking because Ben Franklin, (FPD’s adorable therapy dog) will be in his costume giving out candies and treats too! It’s sure to be a fun filled day for the whole family.