Halloween Candy Horrors

Avery Chalk, Writer

Concerns surrounding tampered Halloween candy have been circulating for decades. But, are they legit? And if they are, what can be done about it?

On Halloween night, it is widely known that some people will purposely alter their candy stash, putting poison, needles, and even prescription medicines inside of them. While this worry haunts the majority of parents, life-threatening cases are uncommon.

While the problem has always been recognized, only a few significant cases have been found. Minneapolis, New York, and Chicago are just some of the locations that have had issues in the past, ranging from years 1964 to 2018. However, it can happen anywhere, and at any time.

While Franklin has never had an incident, Marshfield, Massachusetts is no stranger to candy tainting. In 2018, sewing needles were found embedded in a 3-year-old’s candy stash. He suffered a finger injury, and had to be taken to a medical facility for treatment. However, the criminal was never found. 

There are many reasons why someone might want to commit this crime. Were they trying to play a cruel joke? Get back at an enemy? Regardless of the motive, this issue is real, and is something to acknowledge. 

Officer Guarino, of the Franklin Police Department, urges everyone to be vigilant this Halloween. “Crime knows no borders,” he disclosed. “It could happen in Franklin, it could happen anywhere! It’s definitely something that we need to be aware of.”

Precautionary steps can be taken to ensure reduced risks of danger. The Franklin Police Department recommends throwing away any strange looking candy, or even avoiding snacking until everything has been assessed.  These could be valuable steps in staying safe. 

Unfortunately, it is easy enough to slip an innocent child a piece of candy. To report any incidents to the Franklin Police Department, visit their website here. Email addresses and alternative numbers are included there as well. 

Stay safe this October 31, and most importantly, have fun. Happy Halloween!