What Is Pantherbook?


Halle Goldsmith (right) and Elise Ravech (left) representing Pantherbook at Panther Pride Night!

Elise Ravech, Writer

Many of you may be wondering what is Pantherbook and how is it run. This article will explain everything Pantherbook does, how it operates, and how you can join if interested!

Pantherbook started many years ago at FHS but it was much different compared to the Pantherbook we know and love today. Pantherbook used to be a hard copy newspaper that was printed out weekly for students and teachers to read.

Believe it or not, Pantherbook is the way it is today because of Facebook! At the time Facebook was the new

Halle Goldsmith (left) Megan Torrey (middle) and Maddie Lussier (right) representing Pantherbook at club fair!

sensation, so the staff decided to move the school newspaper online to save paper but also make it easier for staff and teachers to view it as technology was on the rise. The play on words is “Panther” panther pride and then “Book” because of facebook!

Pantherbook is definitely looking for photographers along with videographers. Editor Amanda Wylie, wants people to know “If anybody has a specific story they think we should share, but they aren’t interested in joining Pantherbook, let us know anyways; we’ll be sure to get the word out!”

Pantherbook’s second editor, Halle Goldsmith believes that Pantherbook is a creative outlet as much as it is a news source. It’s a great club to join if you love to write or take pictures because we need photographers.

She quotes, “This year is going to be a little bit different as is everything this is year, but we’re still trying to meet every Wednesday morning and push out articles like we are actually in school.”

The club’s third editor Vedika Vinayak adds “definitely if you have a passion for journalism and media Pantherbook is the place for you!” She adds how there is no limits to what you can write about, it can be about new movies, seasonal trends or even politics. “It’s a way to pour your interests out!

If anyone is interested in joining pantherbook the code to our google classroom is e4e6cap. The link to join our meetings every Wednesday at 7AM is https://meet.google.com/lookup/crx26pgvix

Please reach out to either Mr. Leighton the club advisor or one of the three editors, Halle Goldsmith, Amanda Wylie or Vedika Vinayak with any questions!