Introducing Hiking Club at FHS


Recommended Hike: Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA Source: New England Today

Katie Barrow and Tess Bower

Do you enjoy hiking and the outdoors? Hiking Club is a fun outdoor club where students and advisors talk about hiking experiences and participate in COVID safe outdoor activities! 

We meet over Google Meet every second Tuesday of the month. Our first meeting is Tuesday, January 12th at 2:30 pm. The advisors of the club are Ms. Balliro and Ms. Chaisson, and the co-presidents are Katie Barrow and Tess Bower, sophomores. The google classroom code is qs6ktti. Anyone can join, at any hiking level or experience. The advisors ask that if you join, you attend meetings regularly and communicate with

the presidents or advisors when you are unable to attend. 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID restrictions and late introduction, we are not able to go on hikes this year as a whole club, but we look forward to hikes in the future. This year, we will focus on outdoor scavenger hunts and hiking challenges to complete on your own and report back to the club. These can be posted on our Twitter and Instagram to create an interactive hiking community in Franklin. We are also looking forward to the creative ideas of our members to come up with fun, COVID safe, things to do with the club! 

Some recommended local trails in Franklin are the Trunkline Trail, Franklin State Forest, and Del Carte. Up-hill mountain hikes, farther away are Purgatory Chasm, Blue Hill, Skyline Blue Hill Reservation Hike, and Mt. Monadnock. More details and information about hiking and locations will be provided through the club.

Linked below are the club advisors and co-presidents’ contact information, as well as the Instagram and Twitter pages. 

Advisors: Ms. Balliro ([email protected]) and Ms. Chaisson ([email protected]

Co-Presidents: Katie Barrow ([email protected]) and Tess Bower ([email protected])

Instagram: fhs_hikingclub

Twitter: FhsHikingClub