“Among Us” is Old News… Meet “Brawlhalla”!


Grace Tucceri

Scarlet barely emerged victorious during a high-stakes battle against two Bödvars.

The second edition of Student Council Game Night took place on March 25, but it was a little bit different. Among Us was not the only game being played. Brawlhalla was in the mix, too! I spoke to freshmen Daniel Campbell and Joshua Kuchinskas about the fight-based video game and learned a lot!

Yes, those are the guys from Kung Fu Panda. Also, there’s Ben 10. (Grace Tucceri)

You two seem to be seasoned players. When did you first start playing the game?

D: I started playing last year.

J: Like maybe 2-3 months ago. Danny got me into it.

Why do you like it so much?

D: Even though it’s rage inducing, it’s an overall enjoyable experience. I keep on wanting to go back and play some more! 

J: It’s a fun, addictive game

The gameplay sure is intense! (Grace Tucceri)

I just started the game the other day. How much time have you spent playing?

D: Approximately 740 hours. I know, it’s a bit much!

J: I have about 20 hours.

Who’s your favorite character? I really like playing as Scarlet!

D: Po (from Kung Fu Panda)! He’s one of a kind and came out literally yesterday. Bödbar is a fun character to play, too.

J: Mine’s Jiro because he’s really fast!

Together, Po and Scarlet led the Red Team to victory. (Grace Tucceri)

What’s the best map? Personally, I liked Shipwreck Falls.

D: 100% Small Brawlhaven. It’s the best map by far!

J: Big Miami!

In your opinion, is Brawlhalla better than Among Us? I think it might be…

D: Yes! Among Us does not take that much skill. Brawlhalla takes a lot of skill, so it’s definitely better.

J: Easily! It has a chaotic energy that is much more fun, especially with friends.

Everyone wanted to play in Small Brawlhaven for this round. (Grace Tucceri)

Are there any other games that you want to play soon? Student Council is open for suggestions!

D: I’m open to anything. We should keep trying new games, but still play Brawlhalla!

J: Jackbox Party Pack would be great. It’s hilarious in groups. 

Thanks for the interview, guys! Plus, another game night will be happening sometime soon, so keep checking social media!

A showdown in Big Miami! (Grace Tucceri)


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