The Kutors Logo: Shows a Scholar Penguin That Was Created By The Organization (Used with permission from Sibi Charan Dinikaran) (Sibi Charan Dinikaran )
The Kutors Logo: Shows a Scholar Penguin That Was Created By The Organization (Used with permission from Sibi Charan Dinikaran)

Sibi Charan Dinikaran

Kutors: Peer to Peer Tutoring

April 30, 2021

Want to teach your peers sports skills, academic skills, culinary skills, and more? Join Kutors! 

“Kutors is the place to be. Whether you need affordable tutoring or a respectable and well paying job, Kutors has you covered, ” says Arav Tyagi, the co-founder of Kutors.


What is Kutors?

Kutors is a peer leading organization that aims to positively affect both tutors and tutees. Students sign up to be a tutor and teach other students. Tutors may conduct a one-one tutoring session with their students or if they feel comfortable, they can conduct sessions with multiple people.

“The tutor makes money from the comfort of their home and gets to reinforce their own knowledge as well,” says Jetrin Orenberg, the other co-founder of Kutors.  They can teach any subject that they would like. 


Why should you become a tutor?

The schedule for working with Kutors is extremely flexible. You get to choose the subject that you love to teach and the people you want to work with. It’s a great way to earn a job as a teenager and build many skills such as communication, social and teaching skills. In addition, you get to learn more about the subject you learn and make above minimum wage from your home. Due to COVID, the chances of getting a safe job are low (since most teens work in customer-facing roles), so Kutors is a great opportunity.

Overall look of the front page of the website (Credits: Jetrin Orenberg)


How do you become a tutor?

Kutors is still in the process of finishing their website but once they have, the process is simple.

  1. Visit the Kutors Website
  2. Click “Become a Tutor Now”
  3. Set up your profile and schedule
  4. Select your interests and prices
  5. Schedule an interview with a Kutors Admin
  6. Take a simple exam (if qualifying) – (Report card might be required as well)
  7. Attend your first tutor seminar
  8. Begin tutoring!


Why should you become a tutee?

The average price of having a private tutor in the US is $56 per hour. Considering this big amount, Kutors is the complete opposite. Kutors lets you, the tutee, to have an amazing learning experience with an affordable and reasonable price tagged along with it.  In addition, you get to choose who your tutors are so you would feel comfortable since you are with people you are familiar with.

The Tutee’s POV of the Website- Sample Example (Credits: Jetrin Orenberg)

Any Website Features?

Kutors has created a website called Play4A ; this is a website that is similar to Quizlet. You can put in information that you are learning and create a game out of that information. To practice or study for a class, you can play those games and get better at that subject! There also might be pre-made games by your instructor.

Picture of Play4A Website (Credits: Nihara Lijan)

Reminder: Kutors hasn’t launched their website yet but we will keep you informed of the sign up dates to become a tutor or tutee soon. Follow their social media accounts to know when you can sign up!

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +1 (508) – 419 – 0771

Instagram: Kutors

Twitter: Kutors

Email: [email protected]

For more information and FAQ’s visit the Introduction Seminar Presentation created by Jetrin Orenberg and Arav Tyagi: Introduction Seminar 


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