Welcome Back FHS Club Fair!


Sophia Francisco

People walking around at the club fair on September 20, 2021!

Sophia Francisco, Writer

Welcome to (or welcome back to, for most) another year at Franklin High School! It’s an easy place to make friends and find your niche, with so many extracurricular activities to join. And thanks to the club fair, joining these extracurriculars can be done in one lunch period, all in one place. 

This year’s club fair took place a few days ago, on Monday September 20th, in the courtyard during lunch period. It was definitely very special this year- we were finally back in person! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, a lot of clubs lost members, new applicants and current members alike. 

Aliyah Quijada, senior and president of the Girl Up club, said she was “extremely excited to have more underclassmen join and is hoping for a better year for the club now that we’re back in person”. 

This was a very common theme among the club officers I spoke with. Rachael Yuan, a representative for DECA, said she was “excited for new people to join, underclassmen or not”. 

Some clubs, such as Girl Up and Diversity Awareness Club, bring attention to important current issues and strive to make change in Franklin and outside of it. Diversity Awareness Club president Kianna Thomas said she is “excited to discuss how different demographics are impacted by current events” in meetings this year. 

There is no doubt that no matter your interest- from student government, to theatre arts, to planting trees- that you can find a place for it at Franklin High. If you’d like a comprehensive list of the clubs FHS offers, you can visit the school website and email any of the advisors for the class code. 

Have a great year, Franklin High, and don’t be afraid to get involved!