Ski & Board Club 101

Ski & Board Club 101

Georgie Collins, Writer

The Ski & Board Club will be starting up the Tuesday after the winter break of December. The days the club meets are January 4, 11, 18, 25 as well as February 1 and 15. Everyone will meet at the round tables outside the cafeteria then load up the buses. There will be two coach buses. The bus ride to Wachusett Mountain will take about an hour.

There will be about 105 students and hopefully four to five teachers with 20 students per teacher. So far two teachers have already shown interest in being a chaperone. 

Mrs. Plouffe is this year’s Ski & Board Club advisor. Mrs. Plouffe is the school’s K-12 Director of visual and performing arts. 

Mrs. Plouffe said that she is looking for two more chaperones. One of the school’s math teachers, Ms.Nisbet has already shown interest in being a chaperon.

Ms. Nisbet said, “I’m looking forward to getting out there with the kids and having fun.”

So if you are a Franklin High School faculty member and are interested in being a chaperon for the Ski & Board Club feel free to reach out to Mrs. Plouffe.

This is Mrs. Plouffe’s first year being the advisor of the Ski & Board Club here at FHS. However, Mrs. Plouffe was the middle school ski club advisor for 2 years. With ski experience going back to when she was 14. 

For people who have never skied or snowboarded before but are interested in doing so the Ski & Board Club is something to take a look at however this year it’s full.

“Unfortunately this year the club is full but next year yeah. If it’s something they would like to learn how to do absolutely because there are bunny trails where you can learn and take lessons,” said Mrs. Plouffe, the club advisor.

When thinking about joining the Ski & Board Club you have the expenses to take into consideration. You must pay the club fee, which is $75, the bus fee around $13, and the reduced lift ticket pass for Wachusett Mountain. The reduced lift ticket pass for six visits is $137, which comes to $23 pre-visit

“Very cheap for skiing,” said Mrs. Plouffe. 

Mrs. Plouffe wanted everyone that is participating in the club this year to know a few things.

“I’m looking forward to meeting so many students that I don’t already know while doing such a fun activity and sharing that joy of skiing and boarding with them,” Mrs. Plouffe said.

If you were interested in finding more out about Wachusett and its program.