Making Music Matter With Franklin High School Unified Music

Making Music Matter With Franklin High School Unified Music

Kate Rudolph, Writer

Ever hear a concert in the band room after school on a Friday afternoon? That is the FHS Unified Music Club jamming out together, and making memories.   

FHS Unified Music was started in 2018 by Franklin Alumni Max Allard, who wanted to bring FHS students of all abilities together, and share their love of music. The Club’s slogan, M3, stands for “Making Music Matter.” This phrase was adapted to emphasize the idea of inclusion coming in various forms. The club goes beyond just singing and playing instruments, by supporting each other in solo performances, or whole group karaoke.  

Despite the term “Music” being in the title of the club, not all members have to be a part of the FHS music department. Senior Unified Music Leader, Emily Reilly has been in the club since her Freshman year, and supports the idea of students from all aspects of school culture joining. Reilly believes that music is something everyone can do and enjoy. She said that to her, the term “Making Music Matter” is important because people think they can’t make music since it is stereotyped as something you have to be naturally talented in to have success. She said that Unified Music shows how music can be for everyone.

Unified Music is all about fun and excitement. Reilly says that it’s the equivalent of sitting in your car and listening to music before school, but in a big group of people which makes it so much more exciting. Unified Music’s goal is to create a positive environment, and memories that stick with students beyond their time at FHS. Reilly stated that the club is so welcoming, and if she were to ever come back to FHS, Unified Music would be where she’d want to visit.

Unified Music has put on many performances, including the National Anthem at FHS basketball games, or their virtual performance of The Backstreet Boy’s I Want it That Way during the pandemic in 2020, and plans for more in the future. Reilly is optimistic about Unified Music in years to follow. According to Emily, the future of Unified Music looks really good, because there are so many enthusiastic people that show up each week.

Be sure to follow FHS Unified Music on Twitter and join the Google Classroom page for more information on how to join the club!