What to Look for when Joining SAGA

What to Look for when Joining SAGA

Katie Kennedy , Writer

Do you attend Franklin High School (FHS)? Are you a member of the LGBTQIA+ community? Well, there is a club at FHS that might be of interest to you. 

SAGA is a club for all students who are part of the community to meet and discuss certain topics that are relevant to their community. 

Devin Curley, Freshman at Franklin High School and treasurer of the club said, SAGA gives LGBTQIA+ students a forum to connect and have a strong support connection. Devin also added that it allows the members to come up with ways to make the school environment more inclusive.

Devin added that this year the members of SAGA played a crucial role in creating gender-neutral bathrooms. He said, one other thing that could be important is the idea of putting a pronoun option on school identification such as Aspen, Google Classroom, etc.

Joining SAGA can give the LGBTQIA+ students in the school confidence and help them express themselves. Devin says, joining this club helped him express himself and meet more people that had the same interests as him. 

There are many more ideas and things that happen at SAGA club. Maybe you could help with LGBTQIA+ affairs in the coming years!