DECA States: Teens Experiencing the Business World

DECA States: Teens Experiencing the Business World

Sofia Smith, Writer

The DECA States competition took place on March 11th this year, with almost 90 Massachusetts teens attending the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

Abby Auerr and Maya Sankaran are two seniors at Franklin High School who attended the competition. The two students both joined DECA this year, and have been quite successful despite having less than a year of experience.

DECA is a non-profit student organization that prepares emerging adults and entrepreneurs in marketing and finance.


Auerr joined because she is going to major in marketing in college, and thought that “it might be a good way to gain experience with preparing a presentation on a product and marketing it to a panel.” Besides this, her friends were joining DECA, and she thought it would be fun to have an overnight visit to Boston with them.

Sankaran joined because she “was really into business and wanted to challenge herself by giving it her best shot.” At first, she joined just for the educational experience, and did not make it a priority to place high in competitions. “That definitely changed as time went on though!” Sankaran added.

The duo impressively got second place at the regional competition mid-March. The top 5 competitors at regionals ended up qualifying for States; about 115 students qualified, and about 90 ended up attendingAt the Boston competition, Auerr and Sankaran got ninth place out of the 34 groups in their event which was called “Integrated Marketing Campaign.”

Auerr recommends joining DECA and advises to join earlier than she did, so “you will know more people going to the competitions, making it more fun. Even if you do join later, you will have a good experience like I did.”

Sankaran recommends joining DECA because “it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your friends and challenge yourself!”

New members are being accepted year-round, so it is never too late to join.