Disney Trivia Night

Hiking Club presents FHSs first Disney Trivia Night!

Mikaela Robillard

Hiking Club presents FHS’s first Disney Trivia Night!

Mikaela Robillard, Writer

The cafeteria was filled with Disney lovers as the first-ever Disney Trivia Night was about to start. Disney Trivia Night, open to all people in Franklin, was held by the Franklin High School Hiking Club on Thursday, March 17 in the High School cafeteria. 

Club member and FHS junior Sophie Fioravanti explained that there were over 65 people in attendance and $375 was raised for the club. 

Lots of preparation for this night occurred. Fioravanti stated, “There were weeks of planning what questions to ask.” She also said, “[They] made the prizes so lots of time was spent creating them, the costumes, roles, and buying decorations.” 

Fellow club member and junior Hannah Torrey explained the moments leading up to the event, “People set up streamers in the doorway to the cafeteria. Club members got pizza while preparing. And they prepared music, questions, and cards for trivia teams.” 

Prizes included a corn hole set for the first-place team, giant Jenga for the second-place team, and a box of candy for the third-place team. In addition, a costume contest was held in which the winners received a Disney pop-it. During this night the club members were selling baked goods as well as playing music and wearing costumes to make this night more enjoyable for everyone.

“Overall there was a really good turnout,” Torey said, and she explained that the highlight of her night was seeing everyone cheer after each question and seeing everyone really get into it.

All in all, the first-ever Disney Trivia Night was a success.