A Plant Night At FHS

This is the station where people would come to after they painted their pots. There is soil, and multiple flower seeds for people to pick from!

Suhas Wijegoonasekara, Photojournalist


The event took place in the cafeteria on May 5th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
Harshita S. (left) and Margo S. (right) ran the bake sale which consisted of cookies, brownies, snacks, and more!
There was an array of different colors to choose from.
There was a variety of seedlings to choose from. 
Many families joined the fun by painting pots and planting seeds!
This was the station where the dirt and seeds were placed inside of families’ pots.
Here people would take the dirt and place it in their pots.
Artemisia A. (Vice President of Green Team) sits and pots her pot with beautiful colors.
Many families came to enjoy this event and children alike especially enjoyed painting.
Merch was sold at the event! This includes clothing, bottles, and reusable straws.


The Plant Night was a memorable, fun event, and everyone there was extremely welcoming! I look forward to seeing something like this again!