Empty Bowls Is At Work!


Glazed bowls are ready to be put into the kiln room.

Hannah Torrey, Photojournalist

EB bowls out on the table at the beginning of the Monday meetings are ready to be glazed in time for the club’s fundraiser on Thursday, May 19th.
These bowls are also ready to be glazed and brought to color in time for the fundraiser!
EB glazes are a vital part of the bowls made in the club – they help them shine.
EB members have been working very hard and diligent in their constructing and glazing each Monday.
Silent auction objects are also being worked on and creatively constructed.
This bird house is being constructed in terracotta clay with its intricate roof and windows.
Member Katie is having a lot of fun with the details of her silent auction object – the mushroom fits perfectly with the nature-y, bird house theme.
This auction object is also being glazed in preparation to be bid on at the EB fundraiser.
This auction object is the first one to be finished and ready to be auctioned off!
This happy vase is ready to be fired!
Glazed bowls are ready to be put into the kiln room.
After an hour of hard work, these brushes are ready to be cleaned and be put back to work for the bowls’ final touches before Empty Bowls’ biggest night of the year.