Girl Up Self Defense Seminar

Kianna Thomas, Photojournalist

The Girl Up Club hosted a Self-Defense Seminar on May 11th in the FHS gymnasium. Participants worked on how to defend themself against many different people, and gave them important skills for the future. This seminar was especially important for girls heading into college, as it helped ease their stresses about what to do in dangerous situations. Overall it was a great event and so important! (All photos were taken by Kianna Thomas)

Girl Up members began their training as a group before breaking into partners.


While working in partners, members were able to try defense skills using equipment to block a potential attack.


Once in groups, the coach reviewed specific positions that will prepare the girls for their partner stimulations and in real life.


Members had a great time being able to apply the group skills with partners.


After the break, members reviewed new skills before breaking into groups, this time with a focus on arm positions.


Girl Up President, Aliyah Quijada, following the instructor as they review hand positions.


The instructor highlighted the importance of utilizing your knuckles and elbows while defending yourself in the case of an attack.


In this demonstration, the instructor showed how to remove oneself from a hand-lock by using your elbow to force your hand out of the control of an attacker.


Members had a great time applying the skills as many seniors, like Mia Magliari, attended in preparation for college this fall.