What Does Diversity Mean to You?


Lily Eattimo, Writer

Diversity Awareness Club is dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and protecting the diversity and uniqueness of the students, grades 9-12. Within this club, we focus on the power of diversity in the positive impact it can have on our communities, through weekly meetings, events, and projects.

DAC has started off strong this year. Many members attended the Franklin Cultural Festival at the Franklin Commons, created an Introduction Video, found above, and attended Club Fair this past Friday. 

Now, Diversity Awareness Club is hosting their first event, their Sweet and Greet, to be held on October 11th, from 5-8pm in the school cafeteria. This event will provide FHS students and families a chance to bring in a personal dessert from their culture, as well as highlight some of the inner workings of DAC and goals for this year. 

Celebrate what makes you diverse – Join DAC.

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