Diversity Awareness Club “Sweet & Greet” Recap from Club President


DAC member and senior Keona Brown poses with her Brasilian “Brigadeiros” behind the nation’s flag (via Diversity Awareness Club)

Lily Eattimo, Writer

The sweet taste of diversity.

Hi, I’m Lily Eattimo, President of the Diversity Awareness Club (DAC).

This past Tuesday, DAC hosted our “Sweet & Greet” event in the FHS Cafeteria. The event, which took place from 5-8 PM, was DAC’s kickoff event for the 2022-23 school year.

The night saw members of the club bring in foods from their culture; represented countries included (but were not limited to!) India, Brazil, China, and Italy. The sweet treats were a great medium for members and prospective members to meet new people and try diverse foods while building relationships within our community.

Each treat was priced at $2.50 to try– the funds raised at Sweet & Greet will go directly back into the club and events held by Diversity Awareness. This includes Geography Night, one of DAC’s biggest events that will take place in the Spring.

As president, it was cool to see the variety of foods and cultures represented in the FHS Cafeteria. But don’t just take my word for it: DAC Vice President Tanaya Bhatt also shared in recapping the night’s excitement. The senior said she was happy with the turnout.

“We made over $650!” Bhatt highlighted, “That makes Sweet & Greet our most successful DAC event to date. We’re excited to see more new faces at future meetings.”

With almost 15 types of food to choose from, there was something new for everyone to try at Sweet & Greet. The cafeteria was set up in a “U” shape, with food booths scattered amongst different DAC panels. These panels included the “Outreach” panel that hosted a DAC trivia competition, an “Advertising” panel that featured an interactive activity centered around diversity, and a “Media” panel that played the movie “Coco” for those in attendance.

Attached is a gallery of all the foods present at DAC’s Sweet & Greet:



After Sweet & Greet, I interviewed senior Keona Brown, a dedicated DAC member of four years, to hear how she was feeling about the event and DAC as a whole.

At first, we talked a little bit about her history with this club, why she joined DAC, and why she’s loved it for the past four years. Brown tried various clubs as a freshman but felt that Diversity Awareness really spoke to her, due to its unique ability to connect individuals with varying backgrounds. Brown mentioned that “anybody could be in the diversity club because that’s the whole point of diversity – The community is so different, but we’re still working for the same goal in our own ways. It’s a really good mixture of being a little selfish in working towards your own goal, but in a way that still aligns with everyone else…I just feel like that’s just a really cool concept. ”

From the perspective of a longtime member, Brown had brought in food for DAC in the past. Although there have been opportunities to bring in food, Sweet & Greet provided a new menu: desserts. “Food is a great way to build community and bring people together, ” Brown said. “Food is kinda like a peace offering; you know just eat, and celebrate, and learn something different about somebody without having to sit down. It’s a very genuine way to learn.”

Table from Diversity Awareness Club’s “Sweet N Greet”. The event saw desserts from almost 15 countries represented (via Diversity Awareness Club) (Lily Eattimo)

Brown’s brigadeiros, or Brazilian Truffles, were a hit of the night, but definitely not the only one. Bhatt brought in mango lassi, a mango/milk based drink, and Leah H. brought in tres leches, which also was a favorite.

These foods had a powerful impact on others, including Keona.  “I went around and was trying other people’s foods: the mango lassi, the baos, the tres leches cakes. I felt for just a small moment that I was really part of their cultures… It’s very different, so when you get that opportunity I just think it’s such a beautiful thing.”

Brown continued in talking about other aspects of culture, and how we as a society often let diverse cultures slip under our noses. A lot of American culture is based on other cultures, backgrounds, and history. Brown touched on the importance of LGBTQ+ history when thinking of diversity, and how various leaders have had massive influence on American culture and politics. 


Brown believes that Diversity Awareness Club is a great place to be able to recognize some of these roots and learn how different individuals have been able to connect their personal lives to American culture. She mentions that in DAC, it’s commonplace for people to “share our [lanuguages, history, tradition, lifestyles] whereas in other places we aren’t having these conversations.” 

She provided an example. “ When we’re at a football game, we aren’t talking about where we came from, or what languages we speak, or how we grew up. I think deep down, everyone wants [to feel accepted]. Everybody wants to brag a little, talk about where they’re from and how they got here. That’s the best part of Diversity Awareness Club – it’s the best place to do that. “

DAC has always been a safe space to connect individuals’ school and home lifestyles in a positive way, to benefit both the members and the community around them. Members have various opportunities to share details about their childhood, passions, and background, through events like Sweet & Greet. DAC has been crucial in helping individuals feel more confident in representing themselves and their culture. 

Diversity Awareness Club meets after school every Tuesday afternoon in Room 220; those interested can join the google classroom with the code “3srkn4c” and follow the club on Instagram @fhsdiversity.

Concluding, Brown wishes for this club to continue its success, even after her final year as a member. She believes the club is truly for everyone.

“Now that I’m a senior, there’s a whole new community of Franklin High School that I want to join Diversity Awareness Club to keep it going… diversity is not a black and white thing or a gay and straight thing. It’s just a very much, an everyone thing. Join DAC!”