Not Sure What Clubs to Join? Here’s Some Advice.

Nathan Schlieman, Writer

Imagine this, you’re applying for colleges and universities and they ask what extracurriculars and other commitments you have. Maybe you play a sport, go to the gym, or like to read which all are good, but clubs can help you have a leadership role and be involved in the community while doing something you’re either passionate about or interested in. Doing clubs could be the difference between being accepted, waitlisted, or rejected to your dream college. 

Franklin High School sophomore Nick Francisco said that if you’re looking to join a club, that you should join a club that aligns with your interests. In his case, he’s interested in business and investing so he joined DECA and Young Investors. 

DECA and Young Investors are clubs about all sorts of business ideas and Investing in the stock market game respectively. He said that Young Investors is a casual club whereas DECA is more competitive. Both clubs are run by business teacher Mr. Cadenhead. 

The reasoning behind his decision to join DECA and Young Investors he said was because they interested him. He said that you should join DECA if you have an interest in business or something that is business related, and he said that you should join Young Investors if you are interested in the stock market or investing. 

It may seem like college is far away, but if you stay committed to these clubs it can tell college admission officers that you’re very passionate about what you do and dedicated, which are traits that colleges look for in a student, it may better your chances of getting into your dream college. 

Whether you’re a freshman who’s still trying to figure out your interests, or a senior looking to squeeze in something extra into their college resume, clubs can really help boost your resumes and get you involved in the Franklin High School community.