Connect For Cancer Starting Off the Year Strong

Photo by: Connect for Cancer Club

Photo by: Connect for Cancer Club

Paige Berry, Writer

Connect For Cancer has made great strides this year with many opportunities to support cancer awareness.

Ms. Curtis, who is the advisor for Connect For Cancer, said her youngest daughter got diagnosed with leukemia in early 2020. Seeing a child battling cancer changed her view of everything. She wants to educate, spread awareness, research, fundraise, and help those in our school who are affected by this horrible disease. 

During the homecoming spirit week, there was a pink-out day to support breast cancer awareness. Plus, all of the money raised by the ticket sales for homecoming went to breast cancer charities!

Connect For Cancer also worked with the girls’ soccer team and hosted a breast cancer awareness night, which was a big success! The Soccer boosters were able to sell raffle tickets to raise money for the Ellie Fund. 

The Franklin High School Volleyball Program also held the Dig Pink tournament on Friday, Oct. 21 from 2:30-5:00 p.m. This included a bake sale at the event to help raise more money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Two football games have been themed in different colors this year. To bring awareness to childhood cancer, everyone wore yellow and for breast cancer everyone wore pink. Both themes were very successful and Ms. Curtis was very happy with the turnout. 

Overall, Connect For Cancer has been making amazing efforts to raise money and spread awareness this year and we hope to see them continue to make big differences throughout the year.