What the Club Empty Bowls Really Is!

Photo by: Ms.Johnston

Photo by: Ms.Johnston

Kayla Atchison , Writer

“Somewhere someone’s bowl is always empty” 

The Empty Bowls Club is finally starting its 2022-23 school year, bringing lots of excitement! 

Empty Bowls is a club at Franklin High School that brings a community of students together to make bowls out of clay. The club partners with the Franklin Food Pantry who helps spread the word. The club’s goal every year is to make 400 bowls for the fundraiser that happens in May, which raises money for the Franklin Food Pantry.

Monday, Oct. 3rd, the club had its first full member meeting to discuss the membership expectations, the annual t-shirt design, and to take a club group photo. 

Ms. Johnston, the Ceramics teacher here at FHS brought the club, Empty Bowls, together. She is the leader of the club, along with leaders Katie Sawyer (Senior President) and senior Caroline Bruso (Senior Vice President).

Katie Sawyer has been involved with the club since Freshman year and she is so happy she joined it. She feels that it is a very welcoming community to be a part of. 

Sawyer explains that the club helps out members of the community and also includes that the Franklin Food Pantry accept donations and also volunteers help them out to organize the supplies for food and items for the people that can’t go to the grocery store.

Sawyer, emphasized the fact that the club is a lot different than any other club at FHS and the community all around.

All the money ends up at the Franklin Food Pantry to help them out and it makes an amazing impact on them and the community.                                                                                      

The Franklin Food Pantry consists of a community of members who gather food and different items for people who can’t afford or go to the grocery store. The money that the club raises from the fundraiser goes to the Franklin Food Pantry to buy the products for the people in need.

The fundraiser in May will be held in the Cafeteria. Those attending will  get to have a bowl of soup and fresh baked treats, along with having a choice of any customized bowl that the club personally made by hand.

The club meetings are held every Monday from 2:15 pm-3:00 pm in the ceramics classroom depending on your grade level. Unfortunately, at this time the club can’t welcome any more members due to its popularity, but be sure to join it next year!


Photo by: Ms. Johnston