Student Spotlight: Varun Desai


Franklin High School

Varun Desai is pictured with Rattle City at the White-Out Football game.

One of our most popular sports videographers/editors, Varun Desai, a junior at Franklin High School, is going to provide his journey in videography and his advice for aspiring videographers! 

Varun films and edits sports videos for the school, which increases a lot of engagement for the sports teams at FHS. He has always liked to create films and videos; he was recently presented with the opportunity to professionally take videos for the sports teams at FHS consistently and was excited for the opportunity to pursue it.

A picture of the crowd wearing yellow during a recent football game to support childhood Cancer (Varun Desai)

His journey starts off with him taking a video last year, where he filmed his first sports video of the Franklin vs. Holliston Football Game. He says, “I was nervous, but also excited when taking this video since I just learned that the team wanted to hire me to film. I wasn’t exactly sure if I could capture everything in the span of my video.”

For his videos, initially, Varun used to use iMovie and then made his way up to Final Cut Pro, which he currently uses for his edits. In the beginning, the editing would take 2-3 days, but now it only takes him about 5-6 hours. Varun’s favorite part about making edits is capturing the raw emotion that comes with the games – whether it’s a tough loss or an exciting win, he enjoys capturing the true emotion that comes from players on and off the field. He especially enjoys filming Football, Ice Hockey, and Lacrosse. And he is looking forward to potentially creating edits for Golf and Tennis as well. 

#85 Grayson Hunter running towards the end zone (Varun Desai)

His next plans, in terms of videography, is to potentially move up from a high school setting to a college setting and from there, Pro Sports teams as well. In terms of preparation, his editing skills came from his hard work but also taking VidPro 1 and VidPro 2 in Freshman and Sophomore year. Other than videography, he is interested in photography and also used to play baseball.

#9 Sid on the Franklin Unified Basketball team celebrating after scoring a basket (Varun Desai)

Varun appreciates the newfound recognition of his talents, as it has and will continue to help him get his platform more recognized. For incoming or new videographers, his best advice is to “just do it.” It may take you a while to get used to it but start small such as going to a local school game, filming it, showing people and advertising the video. Most of all, be proud of your work!

A picture from one of Varun’s most recent job of filming GBG Basketball (Varun Desai)

In addition, Varun would like to include a special thank you to Mr. Bailey and Ms. Moreau for supporting his filming endeavors and introducing him to different filming opportunities at Franklin and beyond.

Amazing job to Varun for being a successful videographer and an important part of our sports teams!

Visit Varun’s instagram, @editor.var , to see his edits.