College Conversations: FHS Juniors


Grace Tucceri

FHS students have attended a wide variety of colleges and many juniors are beginning their journeys soon.

Grace Tucceri, Writer

November 1st has already passed, but it’s already on the radar for many juniors at Franklin High School looking ahead at college applications. Over the last few years, however, the admissions process has become more of a hassle and not solely a senior focus. Various FHS juniors share their thoughts, concerns, and insights on where they are right now regarding this complicated stage in their academic journeys. 

They just walk around and tell you ‘oh, we’re so cool since we have this’ and then give you a 15% coupon at the bookstore.

— Lauren Bartlett

Lauren Bartlett found that vacation downtime made for the perfect opportunity to check out a college or two. 

“So I went to look at the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and then I even looked at schools in Canada too,” she says. “They just walk around and tell you ‘oh, we’re so cool since we have this’ and then give you a 15% coupon at the bookstore. It’s not really stressful, it’s kinda fun.” 

Logan Lai had a lot to say about AP classes and how they might play a key role when it comes down to getting into a top college.

The first floor of FHS is filled with college flyers like this one promoting UMass Dartmouth. (Grace Tucceri)

“Taking an AP class shouldn’t have to be such a big thing,” he says, “but it’s a big part of [your application] and is very important. If you can show your depth of learning from an AP class, it does make you seem strong for colleges. At least that’s what I think!”

Emma Ferreira aspires to swim in college, but feels as if getting a spot on a team these days is more challenging than it should be

“A big problem is that [admissions officers] are starting recruitment so early now that the range of students is so much bigger,” she notes. “If a team has 8 spots, it’s way harder to get recruited for the team now since they’re reaching out to juniors rather than just seniors. So now, people have to start this process so much earlier even if they don’t know what they want to do.”

Dom Caccavelli had something very different to say from his peers.

“I haven’t even started the process yet!” he exclaims. 

While many students may find themselves in the same boat as Dom, it’s never too early, especially since senior year is slowly creeping upon the Class of 2024. Try to visit school websites, narrow down possible majors, and maybe even schedule an in-person tour in the next few months. That way, when next November 1st hits, it will not be as much of a hassle. 

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