Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Leighton

Kayla Atchison, Writer

You’ve probably heard people say, “Oh Mr. Leighton?” or “Mr. Leighton would know!” But who is Mr. Leighton? 

Mr. Leighton is a Sophomore history teacher for US History 1, FAA US History 1, and AP US History 1 teacher at Franklin High School.

Mr. Leighton points out that he, “Never would’ve thought that I’d be a teacher, and seeing kids’ connections with different topics, it really stuck from then and going forward.”

History has been his passion since high school and he loves teaching its stories. However, Mr. Leighton’s involvement at FHS also extended to the court when he started coaching the girl’s basketball game as soon as he was hired.

“I absolutely fell in love with it right away and it’s something that has stayed with me since.”

Mr. Leighton with Unified Basketball player, Austin. Photo used with permission from John Leighton.

 “It’s the bliss of athleticism and the best part of athletics, least stress, and all about the teamwork involved and a very uplifting thing to be around.” 

Growing up, Mr. Leighton played basketball and uses this passion to inspire players’ love for basketball. He always loves building new connections with people and learning more about his students. He wants everyone to feel included. 

He also coaches the Unified basketball team in the fall, girls basketball in the winter, and girls lacrosse in the spring. 

He describes the Unified basketball team as, “One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever been a part of.” 

Besides coaching, he is also the senior co-class advisor along with Mrs. Curtis, the Pantherbook advisor, and the advisor for the Politics Club. 

“I just enjoy seeing [students] reach their potential, whether its leadership, a sports team, or a club and I’ve always enjoyed it seeing it all happen and being a part of it all,” 

While leading Pantherbook, he loves seeing students express their passion for journalism in their articles, videos, and photography. 

He explains, “It’s awesome to see the people who have a story to tell, and want to take in their hopes and dreams.”

From the court to the classroom, Mr. Leighton loves having the opportunity to be a part of kids’ learning in their everyday lives.