A Closer Look at Franklin High’s Creative Media Team


Sammy Patel

Graphics can either inform students about upcoming games or provide recaps after the fact.

Lily Eattimo, Writer

Fall Sports are now officially over – Photographers Sammy Patel and Hunter Smith are preparing for Winter Sports, including basketball, hockey, and indoor track, among others. 

You may have seen Patel and Smith’s work on Franklin High’s TV’s, or your Instagram and Twitter, as they run the Creative Media Team for Franklin High School.

The Creative Media Team is a subsection of Pantherbook, focused on creating, editing and designing graphics for Franklin High School sports. Their work, including both photo and video, is distributed on the Franklin High TVs, seen throughout the school, or on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Their work keeps the community involved with Franklin sports, including some exciting shutouts and losses. 

Graphics are inspired by similar collegiate initiatives, and add a level of professionalism to pictures. (Sammy Patel)

Patel’s passion for photography started when his grandfather passed nearly two years ago, leaving Sammy with an important gift: A camera. Sammy quickly learned how to take and edit pictures, and combined this passion with his love of sports through the Franklin Creative Media Team. 

“I shot with a friend of mine, Peter Raider, (…) and Hunter Smith, who runs [the creative media team] with me. We went and shot a game, and I was like, Hunter, we can take the creative team and turn it into something for the high school level. “

These opportunities are often found in colleges and universities, though they are a rarity within high school environments. Patel and Smith have been able to expand their unique vision for this group through varsity fall sports, including: girls and boys soccer, volleyball, field hockey, and football. 

The Creative Media Team allows aspiring photographers and videographers, as well as individuals interested in sports or graphic design, to focus on honing their skills. It’s also a good way to find/learn from people with similar interests.

Patel said: “It’s really pretty much I like photography, they like photography, we can be friends.”  With the Media Team, it’s that easy. 

The Creative Media Team is currently accepting new members. They meet with Pantherbook every Tuesday, in room 240, at 7am. Their socials can be found below.  


Team Account: franklin.creative.media

Sameer Patel: sammypatelphotography 

Hunter Smith: smittvisuals