Is Dungeons & Dragons the Club for You?

Sarah Barbas D&D group.

Maliha Mahjabin

Sarah Barba’s D&D group.

Maliha Mahjabin, Writer

If you like storytelling and fantasy-themed games, then Dungeons & Dragons might be the game for you! Franklin High School’s D&D club is currently running three campaigns, and those interested are welcome to join one or observe. 

The club’s next meeting is Wednesday, March 22 in room 326, and the full schedule is available on the club’s Google Classroom (the code is “boovtyu”).

For those who don’t know, D&D is a tabletop fantasy role-playing game that has been around for decades and has been a staple of pop culture for just as long (perhaps you’ve heard of it from popular TV shows like Stranger Things). 

Each “game” of D&D that involves the same storyline and group of people is called a campaign. During each campaign, players embark on a collaborative journey with their own characters that is led and planned by a dungeon master, who is the group’s organizer and world-builder. New players can either make their own character with character sheets that are available online, or they can use pre-made character sheets that are available at the club.

Two of the club’s dungeon masters, juniors Sarah Barba and Chora Johnson-Smith, also act as the club’s student representatives. They have both been playing for over six years, and their interest in the game was sparked by hearing about it from friends and by joining clubs at their middle school. Their favorite aspects of D&D are being immersed in the worlds of their campaigns, as well as being able to collaborate with other players to make a story. 

Their advice to new players is to not give up if things aren’t going well the first time around, as D&D is a difficult game to get the hang of and the experience is largely dependent on the group of people you are playing with; that being said, they both agree that the club is a very friendly space, and they are happy to help and guide new players. Many of the current players are new to the game themselves!

The club usually meets every other Tuesday or Wednesday until 3:15 in project room 326. Students can join the Google Classroom for meeting updates.