It Has Returned… MCAS


MCAS: the test everyone dreads. Is it actually important? Most would say of course not, it is just another test. However, MCAS can massively impact students’ futures. 

Passing the Math and English MCAS for 10th graders and the Biology MCAS for 9th graders is crucial to receiving a diploma upon graduation. According to Vice Principal Jennifer Santosuosso, if students are unable to meet state guidelines, they have the opportunity to do retakes of the test(s) when they are in 11th and 12th grade. 

If you have yet to pass the MCAS upon senior year, you will not receive a Franklin High School diploma. Instead, you would receive a Certificate of Completion, recognizing your completion of high school courses. 

This could really impact a student’s future when applying for a job because employers look for a high school diploma. 

Need additional motivation to take MCAS more seriously? A university in Massachusetts, UMASS Amherst, offers a  scholarship called the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship. This is awarded to students whose MCAS scores are in the top 25% of their given school district. 

The 10th grade English MCAS is quickly approaching on March 28 and 29 at FHS. Best of luck to all the sophomores!

Jennifer Santosuosso shared short term tips such as getting good sleep the night before and eating breakfast. She also provided long-term tips to help improve your MCAS scores. These included reading more (books, articles, etc.), because it improves your vocabulary. What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming MCAS season?