Christmas Music

Christmas Music

Travis Rice, Writer

It’s the best time of the year , Christmas is in full swing and so is holiday music. No matter what you celebrate we can all agree music can bring us joy. However, some songs are hated by certain people. 

FHS students were interviewed about Christmas songs.  They were  asked  what their favorite Christmas song and least favorite song is and here’s what they said…

Angelena Castelo and Jack Reardon both agreed that frosty snowman was their least favorite. 

Angelena said: “He’s annoying and selfish” 

Jack said: “cause he’s a snowman.” Some vague responses on why they dislike Frosty the snowman but It’s most likely  because the songs wildly  overplayed. 

I’m sure youve heard it but if you haven’t yet go check it out Frosty the Snowman

Angelenas favorite was Feliz Navidad.

She said: “I like the Feliz part because it sounds pretty.”

Jack Said: “I want a hippopotamus for christmas because I want presents.” 

Another student  interviewed was Dan Daily.

Dan said: “ït reminds me of the Christmas spirit and me getting presents.”

When people answer this question it’s  not necessarily the song that people like, but more of the time of year and good memories that come along with it. For example Imagine playing the same song after every win in sports games. Maybe you don’t love the song but you love winning and the song is associated with winning so you have strong feelings towards the song. 

Anyways it’s interesting to hear what people like and don’t when it comes to Christmas music.