Anime Boston 2010 Review

For me the month of March is the most challenging as a student at FHS. I get assigned tons of test, quizzes, projects and a whole bunch of other stuff that would make my brain melt out of my ears. However sometimes there is one thing, one thing that makes all of it worth the blood, sweat and tears that are put in to it, this thing is the Anime Boston convention. Each year the New England anime society puts together possibly the best anime convention in all North America. The date always changes but sometime in March and April are often the month’s it’s in.

Personally I am an anime junkie and go to it every year. A lot of preparation was made in to it on my end I had to save nearly 300 dollars for only one day that includes transportation, food and spending money. Anime Boston lasts for about 3 days a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and a ton of people go to it (you never see the same person twice their).

The convention had a ton of stuff you could do there was video game tournaments of all kinds, panels with celebrities in anime industry, and a masquerade (think of it were people going on stage and showing off the costumes, they look really cool). Also a massive dealers room where you can by merchandise of all kinds that’s where the all the money I needed came in I spent about 256 dollars in the dealers room alone although I did not need to spend money on anything else.

When I finally get their I felt like I just entered heaven everyone had something in common with me and nearly any one can be my friend. If you do go there are 3 things you need to have a savory and exciting time at anime Boston just like my trip.

One pre register for it online the line for that is short and if you wait till the day of the convention to register, well good luck with that. Two be prepared have food, money and a plan to get in and out of Boston. This will help because you will want to buy something at AB (as people that go tend to call it),there is a good chance you will get hungry because there is a lot of walking involved and the last thing you want is to be there and have no way of getting home. Last but not least bring a positive attitude you will have fun when you get there so don’t think you will won’t just because you have no idea what they are talking you will catch on eventually.

When it ended for me I had the sinking gut feeling of “oh great I have to wait another 356 days till the next one”. But still in the end I had a fantastic time and although I did not do everything it was worth the time an effort of the month of March.

Connor Vail