Death at a Funeral Comes Back to Life

Death at a Funeral Comes Back to Life

The British film Death at a Funeral came out in 2007. This film now is being remade and is now set to release April 16, 2010. The original film received positive reviews and earned $46.6 million in the box office. The director Frank Oz won the Audience Award at both the US Comedy Arts Festival and the Larcarno International Film Festival.

Q&A with Kyle Feerick who went to see the original in theater

Q: Did you enjoy the film?

A: I found it to be hilarious. I enjoy British comedy

Q: Was the film easy to follow?

A: The plot not complicate and not out of the ordinary. It was easy to follow however it gets complicated while at the funeral.

Q: How was the actors and actresses acting in the film?

A: I thought the actors did a good job though it was not an important aspect of the film. The script was what truly made the it really funny.

Q: How did you like the ending?

A: I felt the ending got cut off almost like the Monty Python film “Holy Grail”. It was a very typical in that it just ended with no real closer.

So what should be expected of the remake?

When two sons Aaron and Ryan’s father pass away they are joined at the funeral by their friends and family. One may may think this is meant to be a day of grief but the characters will experience frequent comedic and unfortunate events. The brothers soon discover that their father is not who they thought he was. As the realization of this builds up, the plot picks up when the family starts arriving to the funeral.