The Perfect Game – A must see movie!!

If you are looking for a feel good movie to go and see over vacation, then The Perfect Game is the perfect movie for you. This is a true story about a little league baseball team from Monterrey, Mexico who become the first non-U.S. team to win the Little League World Series. The movie takes place in 1957, and follows the boys and their families as they journey to the US, and profiles hardships they face back in Mexico living in a very poor town. These boys, many of whom had never seen a real baseball glove before, shocked the world by winning 13 games in a row, and having the only perfect game pitched in the Little League World Series Championship.

Their journey from Mexico to the US to play was not an easy one. The boys were faced with bigotry that would not allow them on certain buses, or to eat in certain restaurants. Led by their priest, and a washed up former major leaguer, these boys inspire and show the world that they will never give up, and that their faith will not die as they take on the bigger, faster and stronger teams from the US. If you enjoyed such movies as Rudy, Coach Carter, Remember the Titans and Hoosiers then this movie is a must see!