Return to Pandora on Your Couch

Erin Grady

December 2009 was the first time people everywhere were introduced to the Na’vi residents  of Pandora. Director James Cameron managed to take you away from your ordinary movie theater seat into the Na’vi’s surreal surroundings. The award winning movie for Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Art Direction Avatar is going to be available for renting or ownership on April 22 2010.

In its opening weekend Avatar received overwhelmingly positive reviews. I am no fan of science fiction but I was drawn to this movie due to its three and a half out of four star rating by The Boston Globe.

The film is set in 2154 where humans are mining on a planet named Pandora for a a mineral called Unobtanium. Unfortunately for the humans the places where this mineral is located is also the home of a Na’vi tribe.

With all the technology the humans have I bet you’re wondering why they can’t just take over the Na’vi. It’s not so simple.

The humans do not want to make enemies of the Na’vi. So they try to win them over by sending out humans in bodies similar to those of the Na’vi to get them to leave peacefully. This is how the title of the movie works into the story. The bodies the humans are sent out in are referred to as Avatars. The only problem is is the humans start to fall in love with the Na’vi world.

Sounds like your typical save-the-earth story.

But if you like action this movie has it and if you like romance then this movie that too. Even if you like pretty things Avatar has it all. So do yourself a favor and go out and see it for yourself.