How to Train your Dragon Movie Review

Connor Vail

Most animated movies being released now have a general story line that very easy to follow and good for kids. The movie how to Train your Dragon is no different, the movie was made by DreamWorks animation the people that brought you Shrek and Monsters vs. Aliens.

When I saw the movie I was in fact the only one in the theater, yes that is very hard to believe but it is true. I was at my grandparent’s house and after putting down mulch all day I felt to reward myself with a movie and ice cream from a nearby store.

The movie takes place on the Island of Berk (real or not) where the young Viking Hiccup (yes that is his real name) wants to fight dragons that plague his village. Unfortunately his macho, rough and tough father stoic the vast leader of his tribe won’t let him because he well… danger prone. In the fray of the opening fight he shoots down the most famous type of dragon known as a night fury by luck. He later discovers the downed dragon but he can’t bring himself to kill it but rather sets it free and starts a friendship with the dragon he calls toothless. The friendship opens him up to a new lease on life and discovers that his people have misjudged their view on the dragons.

The movie was pretty good because it made me feel sympathetic for hiccup’s strife. He had to for most of the movie keep toothless a secret from his tribe, and a very suspicious and sneaky love interests named Astrid. Most Dream Works movies are focused for kids but I believe the movie is good for all ages its mildly funny adventurous and decent story line to keep you from leaving the theater in disappointment.

My only issue was it could be extremely predictable I knew he what was going to happen if he was going to live or die and of course he would have a happy ending. Well that’s how most kid’s movies are now. So I give this movie and eight out of ten.