Bret Michaels in Critical Condition

Forty seven year old Bret Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage on April 22, 2010. He has appeared in shows such as Rock of Love and Celebrity Apprentice, but more importantly he is in the band Poison.

Many reports have said Bret is in a critical but stable condition. He was admitted to a hospital last Thursday complaining about severe headaches. Also taken into consideration was that he is a diabetic which could potentially play a role in what was going on. Once admitted he had many tests performed which proved he was bleeding in the brain.

He is currently unconscious but is slowly improving. Everyone is hoping Bret will make a successful recovery. Doctors reported that Brett will gradually improve as the blood surrounding his brain dissolves and reabsorbs into his system. It is even reported that next month Bret could return to do a concert with Poison.

Bret’s co-stars send him best wishes and a full recovery. “It’s devastating and it makes you feel all these different things” -Sharon Osbourne.

“I feel really bad for Bret and his family. I hope he makes a full recovery” -Rebecca McGilloway

Our heart goes out to Bret’s family and his two children as they go through this difficult time. Reports say Bret Michaels is stabilized and doing well as they expected.

“I can definately sympathize with what is going on because of what I went through with internal bleeding” -Matt Duhamel