Miley Cyrus new image?

Miley Cyrus is trying to break free from Disney and Hollywood records. Her new video “cant be tamed” is causing controversy between many different people.

There are two different arguments that are saying that she is too young to be that proactive in her video and the other arguments is if it’s right for guys her age to be that proactive in movies.

She’s seventeen and some people think she is too young to be that sexual. Some people think with her fans watching it’s not appropriate for certain age groups and parents might not want their kids role model to that explicit.

The other argument is for people who have seen Twilight that its not right that Taylor Lautner is allowed to show off his body, but Miley is showing very less yet it is considered wrong.

In our opinion should be allowed to do what she wants because it’s her career and she should be able to choose what she wants to do. I don’t think Hollywood should be so involved in teenagers life because it can affect there career.

Miley is very popular and she basically was doing something to increase her record sales and publicity. Miley has been in The Last song making her branch out into an acting career. If it’s helping her why do we the critics have to so cruel.