Catch 22’s Permanent Revolution

Catch 22, Permanent Revolution

Released in 2006, Catch 22’s Permanent Revolution is the most recent album in their collection of five. Since Keasby Nights in 1998, the band’s overall sound has changed dramatically through the years. Still calling themselves Ska- Punk, Catch 22 has gotten to the point where a shuffle of all of their music is a drastic change from song-to-song. As though they’re still trying to figure out what to sound life, Catch 22 has a large range of instruments used. From the trombone, trumpet, tenor sax, violins and various chimes to the standard drum, bass, and guitar set up. Even the style of song seems to shift as you continue to listen. Although each song is a masterpiece within itself, Catch 22 can’t seem to decide that their individual sound should be. I’ve heard everything from slow songs, screamo, rap, ska, and even a little rock mixed into each song. While I agree that a band with songs that all sound the same is bland, I also agree that a band should stay in their genre. Catch 22 has still stood past their “fifteen minutes of fame” in the early 2000s and is a great band to listen to. While ska is a difficult genre to get used to, with its range of wind instruments and fast-paced songs, it’s a fantastic genre to listen to; I would still recommend Catch 22 to anyone who enjoys Streetlight Manifesto, Mustard Plug, and Less Than Jake. Even if you’re looking for something new, check out Catch 22.