Local Music Spotlight: Tom Flash & the Lightning Band

Laura Trottier


Tom Flash & the Lightning Band is a Boston-based hard-rock band featuring Kenny Gray (19) on guitar and leading vocals, Ryan “Jack” Tidwell (17) playing bass and contributing vocals, and Adam Grey (16) with drums and vocals as well. Since the Grey’s first introduction to band life in 2006 in the now broken-up group RARE, Tom Flash & the Lightning band have baptized themselves into rock and roll. The band is most compared to “70’s hard rock, but with a modern twist” says lead vocalist Kenny Grey. The Lightning Band is most influenced by bands like Van Halen, AC/DC, and Wolfmother, but their influences aren’t limited.

“The reason I think people like our sound is because it embodies a little bit of everything. We are inspired by a huge array of genres and artists.” Says Grey. Tom Flash & the Lightning Band play two or three times a month because of conflicting school schedules. The Lightning Band’s next major gig is in Nashua, NH’s Holiday Stroll, which this year takes place on November 27th from 5-10 pm. And the Lightning Band’s next show is November 24th at The Jam Factory in Nashua from 8pm-12am

Because the guys in the Lightning Band have played in bands before Tom Flash, they already had names and connections for shows and are planning for the future. As of right now, the guys are working on a full-length album, currently named “Death at the Disco” and negotiations with a local label here in Boston.

To check out Tom Flash & the Lightning band’s upcoming events and music, check out their personal website (http://www.tomflash.com/), the Tom Flash Facebook Page or their Music MySpace.