Movies for FHS Gnomeo and Juliet

Kyle Bisanti

A new look at Shakespeare’s classic tragedy romeo and Juliet only this version has the characters cast as gnomes. This comical movie features a brand new look on the story with the chance for a different ending as well as brand new comedy to entered to it.
With the addition of the gnomes as cast they still stay true to the classic tragedy by having the homeowners as Montague and the Capulet each one having a distinct color of either red or blue gnomes. The red gnomes represent the Capulet’s with Juliet as the fathers daughter and the blues representing Montague with Romeo as his mothers son. Both having met outside of the feud and not initially realizing that the other is on the opposite side of the feud and falling in love.
The story still has lines that were taken from the classic tragedy but are taken and written into more meaningless and comical positions. As for a rating of this movie giving it a 6 out of 10 meaning it was worth a watch but not to be added to most peoples prized DVD collection.