The Hangover II – Better Than the First Time

Brian Lutz

On May 26, 2011, Memorial Day, one of the year’s most anticipated comedy movies hit theaters – The Hangover Part 2. In this sequel we find that one of the main protagonists from the first movie Stu is now getting married to his wife to be Lauren. Now with this movie release came questions to many people like on the legitimacy of a sequel that is essentially and seeming to be the same old plot as the first one.

With the release of the movie, though it instantly became a classic movie to most of everyone who in the theater if not all. The guys; Stu, Alan and Phil find themselves in a crude hotel room with Stu tattooed on right half of his face. Alan bald headed and the discovery of a chain smoking monkey from who knows were.

I found much of the movie was from that point on to be very much like the first one. but with what the guys had managed to get themselves into this time just seemed and beyond what you would of expected. With this story they must find Stu’s new guineas brother in law Teddy in the big city of Bangkok, Thailand before they miss Stu’s wedding. In their search they realize what they have gotten into last night, including the kidnapping of a Buddhist handicapped monk in a vow of silence for life, for the most part, the least of what you would expect to happen.

The most of what you might have expected in this movie would possible discourage you from seeing it again. However, It was pleasant surprise. On its first day it set the record for the money made on the first day of any comedy and the best 5 day run of any rated R movie. To me, with what I saw in the theater, I would give it a 9 out of 10 for it all a surprising feat for such a movie.