Movies For FHS Gladiator

Kyle Bisanti

Gladiator. A slave that fought for freedom. A man who fought for fame. A criminal who fought for penance. It is also a movie that was released in 2000 starring Russel Crowe.
Taking place in ancient Rome during the reign of Caesar over the senate where the Romans were marching across the world expanding their empire. Its main focus is on Marcus Aurelius a Roman General who went from being in charge of an entire army to being a common slave.
It tells his story as he fought from nothing to fighting in the Colosseum in front of the Caesar. It not only has the massive battle sequences but it also has drama and underlying themes which takes it to the above and beyond stage. As for a rating I would give it a 8 out of 10 which means that it is a must watch and possibly add it to your dvd collection.