X-Men First Class Review

Brian Lutz

With the recently released prequel of X-Men, director Matthew Vaughn takes the story back to the beginning. In this prequel, they went to the origins of the first class of X-Men to be chosen for what seems to be the best long-term solution for the revealing of them to the world as not a threat to human kind.

During the the beginning of the movie we are first introduced to a younger version of the future nemesis of the X-Men, Magneto as a young boy in war torn Europe captured as a prisoner of war by the hands of the Nazis along with his mother. In his first time revealing his power is when he is being separated from his mother, enraged, he bends the metal gate and begins to drag the men holding him across the ground.

We also get a look at professor Xavior at around the same age as Mangeto going down stares to the kitchen to investigate strange noises he heard. When he comes down he sees what appears to be his mother up late but appearances aside it wasn’t. He could tell because of the fact that his mother never sets foot in the kitchen she has no need to since all of the cooking is done by the house cook. When Xavior ask her to reveal her true form what appears is a little girl no younger then 9 to 10 a mutant like him called Raven. Homeless, Xavior allows her to live with him family.

With the release of the movie, the reviews for the movie have been very very positive by the press. Four out of five stars and now a must go to for any X-Men fan.