Skating Into 2012 with NHL 12

Corey Flynn

EA sports has already released some major sports titles for 2011 including popular favorites such as Madden® 12, FIFA® 12 and NCAA Football® 12 to name a few. Along with these titles, the highly anticipated NHL®12 was released on September 13. EA sports has added plenty of new features and giving the people what they want.

Some of these new features include new physics gameplay, improved goalies and goalie fights, Winter Classic mode, legends and much more. Also a few tweaks such as broken glass, crashing the goalie and helmets falling off have added a more realistic element to the game. Another new feature people have been waiting for is the addition of legends to the game. Legends have been missing in the EA sports NHL series for too long but finally you can take control of some of hockey’s greatest legends including Ray Bourque, Wayne Gretzky and Steve Yzerman to name a few. The Ultimate Team feature has also improved with the ability to play online, play against your friends and compete in tournaments to see who has built the best team. These are a few of many features that have improved the game.

You start the game off by taking control of the Pittsburg Penguins battling with the Washington Capitals in the Winter Classic at Heinz Field. With the snow falling and the crowd chanting you feel like you are at the game. The graphics are amazing; they nailed all the details from the jerseys and rinks to the player’s faces and equipment. Overall the game has definitely improved since the previous title NHL® 11. EA has done a good job adding new features to the game and improving on the physics and game play. This game is absolutely a must buy for any NHL or sports fan.